Megan E. Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund - Middle and Elementary Extracurricular Activities Scholarship

Established by William and Marilyn Taylor in memory of their daughter, Megan E. Taylor, the fund provides assistance to support the extracurricular activities of young girls attending Oak Park-Carpenter Elementary School, Brookridge Elementary School and Indian Woods Middle School, and members of the Valley View United Methodist Church children/youth program who would not be able to participate without this support.

Students eligible for assistance must meet the following:

a) Be a female student with good academic potential and a desire to pursue talent development, who might not otherwise be financially able to participate; and

b) Attend Oak Park Elementary School, Brookridge Elementary School or Indian Woods Middle School, or be a Valley View United Methodist Church children/youth program member.

The yearly award will be 75% of the annual cost of developing a specific talent. The scholarship will not exceed $900 per year. Examples would be, but are not restricted to athletics, music, art, dancing, singing and drama.

The following items must accompany the application:

(1) A statement from the applicant expressing what she hopes to gain from this experience;

(2) A letter of support from parents, guardian or family member (include why student should be considered, what they think the student will gain from this experience and how they will support student in pursuing this talent);

(3) A letter of recommendation from faculty member including why they feel this student has “good academic potential” and a desire to pursue talent development; and

(4) A list of circumstances which impact the family’s financial need.

Amount: 75% of annual cost. Not to exceed $900 per year.

Deadline: September 30

Renewal: Past recipients may re-apply annually until the student completes the 10th grade or is 16 years of age.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you been previously awarded from the scholarship fund named above?
  2. Parent Information
    • Father's Employer
    • Father's name and address
    • Father's Occupation
    • Mather's name and address
    • Mother's Employer
    • Mother's Occupation
    • Number of family members (specify how many adults, teens, and children)
    • Parent's Marital Status
  3. Name of extracurricular activity you are requesting scholarship for?
  4. Approximate cost of the requested extracurricular activity per month:
  5. Please list any lessons you are currently taking:
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