Helen Anita and William E. Evans, Jr., M.D. Scholarship Fund - Camp Scholarship

Dr. Bill, as he was affectionately known, practiced family medicine in the Greater Kansas City area all of his working life. He was ably assisted by his devoted wife (Helen) Anita for most of that time. Since Dr. Bill was a disabled veteran, he had occasion to frequent the VA hospital and held a special place in his heart for numerous employees of the hospital. His burning desire was to reward those special people who had administered to him by setting up this program to offer monetary assistance to their children. The purpose of the Fund shall be to provide scholarships to the children of employees at the Kansas City VA Medical Center who plan to attend summer camp.

Applicants eligible for assistance shall meet the following requirements:

a) Be 8 to 18 years old; and

b) Have a parent or legal guardian who currently works at the Kansas City VA Medical Center who has worked in his/her current position a minimum of 30 hours per week for at least one year.

Consideration will be given to an applicant’s financial need, extracurricular involvement and past academic performance. Scholarship assistance shall be awarded primarily to applicants who wish to use the assistance to attend a summer camp in the Greater Kansas City area, although camps outside the Kansas City area may also be considered.

Scholarship recipients are required to submit a written reflection following the completion of the camp, which describes his/her experiences and specifically details what the recipient learned from this opportunity.

Applicant information will be held confidential for use by scholarship review committee only, with the exception of applicant name and parents(s) name to verify employment eligibility.

For a camp resource list, visit: https://www.growyourgiving.org/sites/default/files/scholarships/Not%20sure%20what%20camp%20to%20attend%2C%20click%20here.pdf.

Scholarships will be awarded on an annual basis and disbursed in June. One-time scholarship payments will be mailed directly to the camp identified on the application.

The scholarship is non-renewable. Previous applicants and past recipients of the scholarship may reapply each year.

Award: Varies

Note: Completion of the Education Budget is required to be considered for this opportunity. You may go back and edit your application at any time.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Scholarship Application History
    • A) Have you applied for this scholarship before?
    • B) If yes, please list the number of times applied
    • C) Did you receive a scholarship?
    • D) If yes, please list the amount received.
  2. Kansas City VA Medical Center Parent Information
    • 1) Employee's Full Name
    • 2) Job TItle
    • 3) Number of years employed at 30 or more hours per week
    • 4) Work Address (Street, City, State, Zip)
    • 5) Employee's Work Phone
    • 6) Employee's Relationship to Applicant
  3. Other Parent/Legal Guardian Information
    • 1) Other Parent's/Guardian's Name
    • 2) Employer and Job Title
  4. Camp Information
    • A) Name of Camp
    • B) Camp Address (Street, City, State, Zip)
    • C) Type of Camp (religious, sports, adventure, music, art, technology)?
    • D) What types of activities will you participant in while at camp?
    • E) Have you previously attended this camp?
    • F) If yes, when?
    • G) Upcoming camp dates:
    • H) Length (in days):
    • I) Day camp or Overnight camp?
    • J) What type of transportation is required to get to camp?
    • K) Have you already submitted your application/registration for camp?
    • L) List the other camps you have attended in the past three years
    • M) How will your attendance at this camp benefit you?
  5. Camp Expenses
    • A) Camp Fee
    • B) Camp Meals
    • C) Camp Room/Board
    • D) Transportation Cost
    • E) Other expenses
    • F) If any, please specify other expenses.
    • G) Total Camp Cost
    • H) As of the date on your application, have you paid any camp related expenses?
    • I) If yes, how much?
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