General Hospital #2 Perpetual Trust Fund

To provide scholarships for African-American students enrolled in the Registered Nursing program in any accredited school of nursing in the five county Greater Kansas City area (Jackson, Clay and Platte Counties in Missouri; and Johnson and Wyandotte Counties in Kansas) and in St. Joseph, Missouri.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, you must meet the following:

  1. Enrolled in the Registered Nursing Program
  2. Show demonstrated financial need.
  3. Continue to attend classes as a full time student
  4. Submit a scholarship application on a form provided by the Foundation.

Application must include:

  • Written essay regarding why you chose the field of nursing and what this award would mean to you.
  • Transcript of academic standing including GPA
  • Recent passport picture
  • Two references from persons familiar with your academic performance.
  • One reference from a non-related person who can comment on your maturity, motivation and commitment.

Scholarships will be awarded on a bi-annual basis and disbursed in one payment in either August or January. Minimum of $500 per year. Checks are made co-payable to the school of attendance and the recipient, and mailed directly to the school.

Fall deadline – August 31, 2018

Supplemental Questions
  1. Why did you choose the field of nursing and what would this award mean to you?
  2. Upload a recent picture of yourself.
  3. Please upload two letters of recommendation from persons familiar with your academic performance.
    • Upload letter #1
    • Upload letter #2
  4. Please upload a letter of recommendation from someone who is not related to you and can comment of your maturity, motivation, and commitment.