Bruce Culley and Linda Larkins Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund was established to support students that graduated from a school district in the Northland (Liberty, North Kansas City and Park Hill School Districts) and plan to attend a Metropolitan Community College. Preference will be for students attending the Maplewoods campus.

1. Students should be average or above average GPA (2.5 or higher) who are willing to work hard to improve and maintain grades
2. Students who have overcome challenges due to circumstances beyond their control (family environment, health issues, and economic conditions)
3. Students should believe that hard work and effort in school provides upward mobility and economic opportunities in a democratic society.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What are your educational goals and how will this scholarship help you achieve them?
  2. What is your ultimate career goal?
  3. Please list any circumstances which impact your family's financial need that should be considered for this award.
  4. Describe how you've persevered or overcome up to 3 significant challenges in your life to get where you are today?
  5. Are you available for an interview the week of August 1st?