Kansas City Pride Community Alliance Scholarship Fund

The KCPCA Scholarship provides needed financial assistance to support LGBTQ+ students who are resident of Jackson, Clay, Platte or Buchannan counties in Missouri and Johnson, Wyandotte or Douglas counties in Kansas of all background and educational interests. We prioritize LGBTA+ students who need it most and who have some or all of the following experiences:

  • People of color, Black, Indigenous
  • Trans, Non-binary, Gender Expansive, Two spirit people
  • People with disabilities – including people living with chronic illnesses, HIV, neurodivergence, mental health challenges
  • People who have or are experiencing housing instability
  • People living in rural areas
  • People who have financial need without access to financial support
  • People who have experienced family rejection.

Students eligible for this scholarship should be:

  1. high school seniors or current college students
  2. maintain a 2.5 GPA
  3. enrolled full time or part time at a college, university or technical program

Supplemental Questions
  1. Students must select one of the following prompts and respond with either an essay of 500 words or less or submit a video responding to the prompt.
    • Describe how you're involved with your communities.
    • How do you show pride?
    • How has being LGBTQIA+ influenced your experiences as a student/member of the community?
    • What do you hope to do for the community with your education?
    • What is your vision for the LGBTQIA+ community?