Terracon Foundation Scholarship

The Terracon Foundation provides the children, stepchildren, and other eligible dependents of Terracon employees the opportunity to continue their education through scholarship assistance.

To be eligible for assistance the applicant must:

  1. Be children, stepchildren, and other eligible dependents of a current Terracon employee (eligible dependents must be listed on line 6c of the employee’s most recent federal tax return when the employee is listed on line 6a or 6b);
  2. Be enrolled in a community college, college or university, Associate Degree program, vocational or technical school, trade school, or a certificate program;
  3. Be a student in good standing with a minimum GPA of 2.5; and
  4. Demonstrate financial need.

Students may be pursuing any field of study. However, students pursuing a degree in science, technology, engineering or math may be given preference. Scholarship awards will be geographically disbursed.

Award issued in two installments: $1,000 in July and $1,000 in January. Checks are mailed directly to the school. Scholarship funds may be used for tuition expenses, class fees, or other education fees (i.e., books).

Renewal: Scholarship recipients may reapply each year by the deadline, so long as you continue to meet eligibility requirements.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you been previously awarded from the scholarship fund named above?
  2. What is the full name and work email address for the Terracon employee?
  3. Why did you select your chosen field of study?