General Hospital #2 Perpetual Trust Fund

To provide scholarships for African-American students enrolled in the Registered Nursing program in any accredited school of nursing in the five county Greater Kansas City area (Jackson, Clay and Platte Counties in Missouri; and Johnson and Wyandotte Counties in Kansas) and in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Students eligible for assistance shall be:

  1. Enrolled in the Registered Nursing Program
  2. Show demonstrated financial need.
  3. Continue to attend classes as a full time student
  4. Submit a scholarship application on a form provided by the Foundation.

Application must include:

  • Written essay regarding why you chose the field of nursing and what this award would mean to you.
  • Transcript of academic standing including GPA
  • Recent passport picture
  • Two references from persons familiar with your academic performance.
  • One reference from a non-related person who can comment on your maturity, motivation and commitment.

Scholarships will be awarded on a bi-annual basis and disbursed in one payment in either August or January. Minimum of $500 per year. Checks are made co-payable to the school of attendance and the recipient, and mailed directly to the school.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Why did you choose the field of nursing and what would this award mean to you?
  2. Upload a recent picture of yourself.
  3. Please upload two letters of recommendation from persons familiar with your academic performance.
    • Upload letter #1
    • Upload letter #2
  4. Please upload a letter of recommendation from someone who is not related to you and can comment of your maturity, motivation, and commitment.