William H. Coleman, Sr. Scholarship Fund

The purpose of fund is to promote continued growth and career advancement through higher education in a nursing career to nurses and health care providers that are currently employed at Highlands Medical Center.

Application Requirements:
• Statement of Need
• Statement of Goals/Potential for Contribution
• 2 Letters of Reference
• Your School and Program (such as dates enrolled, area of study, etc.)
• Your Education, Experience, and Professional Activities/Transcript
• Validation of required employment & enrollment/intent to enroll in accredited Nursing Program of Study

Qualification to apply for scholarship (length of employment at time of scholarship deadline)
CNA – previous employed 1 year
CPT – previous employ 1 year
MA – previous employ 12 month
LPN – previous employ 18 months
RN – previous employ 2 years
NP – previous employ 3 years