St. Florian Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Application information and instructions:

Who may apply: The Fund provides educational and charitable assistance to current and retired members of Local No. 42 of the International Association of Fire Fighters and their immediate family. Members of the general public who have announced interest in or who have been impacted by public safety may also apply. Previous scholarship recipients are welcome to re-apply. Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Use of Funds: The scholarships may be used to attend any vocational/technical school OR any accredited institute of higher learning.

Award Criteria: The scholarship is awarded on an annual basis. Awards are based on community service, academic achievement, as well as need. Applicants with strong connection to public safety and those living in the KCMO metro preferred.

A completed application will be submitted through the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation’s scholarship portal by May 10. Please include an official copy of your school transcript showing your cumulative G.P.A and your last grade report. ANY APPLICATION WITHOUT AN OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. We recommend you request your transcript early so you have it in time to submit your application by the deadline. Please do not attach any other files apart from the application document and your transcript; they will not be considered.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a prior St. Florian Fund recipient? If so, what years?
  2. Are you a prior Tvedten Fund recipient? If so, what years?
  3. Are you a past or present member of Local 42?
  4. Information for the past/present member of Local 42:
    • A) Full Name (first, middle initial, last name)
    • B) Address (street address, city, state and zip code)
    • C) Phone Number
    • D) Email Address
    • E) Connection to the Applicant
  5. If you are not a family member of a current or retired member of Local No. 42, please explain your interest in or how you have been impacted by public safety:
  6. Are you an immediate family member of a line of duty death in the area of public safety? Yes or no. If yes:
    • Name of the deceased:
    • Relationship to the deceased:
    • Year of the line of duty death:
  7. List any awards, honors or recognition received.
  8. What are your future academic and professional goals? How will you use the funds? Any special circumstances?
  9. Please describe a major challenge in your life which you overcame or are working to overcome, and what you learned in the process.
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