Board of Public Utilities Scholarship Fund

Program Overview:
BPU Scholarship Program aims to provide high school and college level students with financial assistance toward pursuing a college education and later professional development opportunities within the utility. An applicant may receive a scholarship for up to two years. Applicants must maintain a 2.75 GPA to remain eligible.

1. Eligibility:
Scholarships are open to students from local high schools who meet the following criteria:
a. Must be enrolled as a senior in a local Wyandotte County high school during the application period. May also be a recent graduate from a Wyandotte County high school over the past 3 months.
b. Must enroll in an accredited vocational program or a degreed accredited Technical program such an engineering, computer science, environmental science, etc.
c. Scholarship is available on a recurring basis for up to two calendar year.

2. Scholarship Promotion and Selection Process:
a. Scholarships will be advertised through local school offices, area colleges and universities, and other relevant channels.
b. Applications must be submitted through the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation website.
c. Applications will be reviewed by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation selection panel. Applications will be approved based on the criteria established below.
i. A high school senior entering into a four-year college or university STEM program may be eligible for up to $2500 each semester
ii. A high school senior entering into a two-year vocational or technical school in Per-Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Engineering Technology or related program may be eligible for up to $1500 each semester
iii. A high school senior entering into an apprenticeship Lineman program may be eligible for up to $1500 each semester
iv. The selection process will consider diversity and equal opportunity principles.
v. Extracurricular activities will also be considered.

$5,000 for 4-year institutions and $3,000 for 2 year institutions
Supplemental Questions
  1. Which program are you pursuing for the 2024-2025 school year?
  2. The applicant’s parents or guardians must be customers of the Board of Public Utilities and have resided within the BPU service area for one year.
    • BPU Account Name:
    • BPU Account Number:
    • Parent or Guardian Name:
  3. Please upload a letter of recommendation.
  4. ESSAY: Tell us about yourself. What do you hope to do with your education and how will this scholarship help you to achieve your goals?
  5. Essay: What energy challenges does our country face over the upcoming years?