Huang Leadership Development Scholarship - Renewal Application

The Huang Leadership Development Scholarship was established by Bob and Lily Huang in appreciation of TD SYNNEX and Concentrix associates all over the world, past and present.

Bob and Lily hope to support the next generation of leaders in entrepreneurship, sciences, humanities and the arts. Scholarship recipients will be selected based on academic achievement excellence and leadership qualities as evidenced by their personal statement, letters of reference, and community involvement.

Requirements for renewal application: Renewal grants are contingent on student submitting renewal paperwork, maintaining full-time enrollment, a minimum 3.0 GPA, continuous high academic performance and demonstrated leadership development.
1. Recipient Information
2. College Information
3. Academic
4. Required Supporting Documents:

  • Personal Statement
  • Unofficial College Transcripts
  • Upcoming Academic Session Class Schedule
  • Student Picture

The deadline for renewal applications is June 30.

Up to $8,000 USD